This beautiful collector's edition catalogue was made exclusively for the inaugural show of the Museum of Art and Design's Department of Olfactory Art, curated by Chandler Burr. The first of its kind, this limited edition coffret box features eleven of the scents exhibited in the show. Each is contained in printed glass vials, accompanied by a soft cover book of eleven essays, which places each of the eleven works in historical context. The catalogue is written by Chandler Burr.

The 11 works featured are:

  • 01 Romanticism Jicky 1889 Aimé Guerlain
  • 02 Abstract Expressionism L'Interdit 1957 Francis Fabron
  • 03 Early American School Aromatics Elixir 1971 Bernard Chant
  • 04 Industrialism Drakkar Noir 1982 Pierre Wargnye
  • 05 Surrealism Angel 1992 Olivier Cresp
  • 06 Minimalism L'Eau d'Issey 1992 Jacques Cavallier
  • 07 Photo Realism Pleasures 1995 Annie Buzantian, Alberto Morillas
  • 08 Kinetic Sculpture Light Blue 2001 Olivier Cresp
  • 09 Neo-Romanticism Prada Amber 2004 Carlos Benaïm, Max Gavarry, Clément Gavarry
  • 10 Luminism Osmanthe Yunnan 2006 Jean-Claude Ellena
  • 11 Post-Brutalism Untitled 2010 Daniela Andrier

Published: 2012
Material: Softcover book with Hardcover case
Size: 11.5" x 9"

Press Coverage

Original retail price at the Museum, $285. Available exclusively here directly from curator Chandler Burr for only $175.

Custom autographed / personalized copies available for $195


The Art of Scent 1889-2012 opened on November 20, 2012. David McFadden, chief curator at the museum, told Burr, "This is a fascinating way to take a fundamentally new look at art and design. It is new to the public as an art." MAD Director Holly Hotchner told Burr "We are going to do for scent what has been done over the past hundred years for photography."

If you can't visit the museum, you can bring The Art of Scent into your own home. Burr has created an innovative catalog, which includes five-milliliter vials of all the scents in the exhibit except for Chanel N° 5. Before now, if you read a catalog or book about perfume, you would not able to smell the aromas—unless you have a bottle of that scent with you. Burr brilliantly solves that issue with this catalog that also includes Burr's essays on each scent. It's a reference book not only for perfumistas, but lovers of art, history and culture.