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Chanel Scent Dinner
Le Bernardin, New York City

Chandler Burr, New York Times scent critic
Olfactory Menu

Lea Linster, Ex Chef, Le Restaurant, Luxembourg
Gustatory Menu

Act I

First Course: Chanel N° 5
Heliotropin, vanilla infusion Madagascar,
Rose de Mai absolute France,
aldehyde-8, aldehyde-9, aldehyde-10
Chanel N° 5

Lobster Chanel N° 5
Butter roasted lobster with orange and lemon zest and
rose with slivered almond

Second Course: Platinum Égoïste
mandarin expression Sicily, rosemary essence
France, lavandin absolute France
Platinum Égoïste

Salmon Platinum Égoïste
Salmon confit at low temperature, purée of
topinabur with rosemary,
mandarin slices, mandarin zest olive oil,
salt dust, rosemary and lavender oil, three drops of lime

Third Course: Coco
bergamot essence Calabria,
orange blossom absolute Tunisia,
pimento berry essence Jamaica, Coco

Coco Carrots
Carrots in reduced carrot juice and butter, clove,
natural orange blossom spray,
bergamot Earl Grey Tea reduction

Act II

Fourth Course: Bleu de Chanel
natural grapefruit expression Israel,
Manzonate™, natural peppermint Rhone Valley,
pink peppercorn CO2
Bleu de Chanel

Granité Bleu de Chanel
grapefruit granité with reduced red apple juice,
crushed mint with vodka, pink peppercorn berries

Fifth Course: Chanel N° 18
ambrette seed absolute Venezuela, geranium leaf essence
Bourbon Madagascar, raspberry ketone
Chanel N°18

Foie Gras Chanel N° 18
Maple syrup and Lagavulin whisky,
sauce of rose, lavender, lime, salt, and sugar
and raspberry sauce


Dessert Course: Coromandel & Chance Eau Tendre
abenzoin gum Siam, sandalwood New Caledonia,
coriander seed essence Russia,
Coramandelallyl heptanoate (pineapple)
Chance Eau Tendre

Frozen Macarons Coromandel &
Pineapple Gelato Chance Eau Tendre

Siamese-spiced macarons, sandalwood gelée,
coriander ice cream, Cointreau,
and carpaccio of chilled pineapple

Macarons-Prada Candy no bg 2MB
gelato Diptyque Eau Duelle no bg (1)
chocolate piece Chanel 31 Rue Cambon no bg (1)